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At Bronze 1 Tanning Salon My promise to you is an experience like no other...pleasant, relaxing and a stress free environment on each and every visit. My tanning consultants promise to provide you with a safe and clean tanning session, so you can unwind worry free and enjoy your tanning minutes in a tranquil state of disconnect following your hectic day.

Independently owned and operated since 1983 I promise to offer you the best pricing for quality tanning when using my top of the line equipment. I will guarantee this is found nowhere else in the city along with unmatched service and product knowledge.

Finally; I promise to constantly look to improve my business to reflect back onto you my valued customer. I will listen to all of your suggestions to ensure that your next visit is better than the last. I will always appreciate you and your business...and that's my promise!


Special One sun



    Key Benefits of Lumiere Light Therapy

if you want want to freshen up your look before a special event  you may be able to achieve significant results with just one session under the Lumiere lamp. However, the Lumiere system offers the best results after a series of sessions. These sessions will trigger the collagen production process, promote DNA repair and help the skin appear stronger and more resilient.

Key anti-aging benefits of the Lumiere Light Therapy system include:
• Restores radiance
• Decreases fine lines and wirnkles
• Minimizes facial pores
• Detoxifies the skin
• Deeply moisturizes dehydrated skin
• Increases serotonin levels
• Reduces the effects of sun damage
• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Reduces the appearance of age spots
• Evens out pigmentation
• Moisturizes dehydrated skin so that skin can retain moisture naturally
• Plumps up and smooths out rough or dry skin
• Stimulates collagen synthesis

Whether you want to tone up the skin, eliminate fine lines or begin a more intensive facial rejuvenation treatment, the Lumiere system can help you achieve a more youthful look. Now FREE with level 3 tanning pack

Special Two sun

Secials 2


Get 150 tanning minutes and any SUPRE TANNING lotion FOR $79

Purcchase an unlimited month of level 3 tanning and recieve Lumire red light therapy FREE

Dutchess by Designer Skin now $25 off


Fit Your Budget! sun

Bronze 1 Tanning Salon has many different tanning packages available just tell us your tanning habits and requirements and we can customize a package that is right for you. Are you a regular? Then get the best bang for your buck by becoming a V.I.T. Member just by joining for as little as 3 months or as long as 1 year ... The choice is yours! Does minute packaging better suit your needs? We have 100, 200 and 300 minutes packages available. Come in or call to talk to one of our tanning consultants to discuss any questions that you may have and set your tanning experience today!

Packages start as low as $24.95

V.I.T. Packages (Very Important Tanner!)

Level One V.I.T.

Entitles you to tan in the regular beds PLUS receive 10% off of all products.
3 months unlimited tanning - $54.95/month
6 months unlimited tanning - $44.95/month
12 months unlimited tanning - $42.95/month


Level Two V.I.T.

Entitles you to tan in the regular mega, and stand-up beds PLUS receive 15% off of all products.
3 months unlimited tanning - $69.95/month
6 months unlimited tanning - $64.95/month
12 months unlimited tanning - $59.95/month


Level Three V.I.T.

Entitles you to tan in ANY of the tanning beds, PLUS receive 20% off of all products.
3 months unlimited tanning - $79.95/month
6 months unlimited tanning - $74.95/month
12 months unlimited tanning - $69.95/month



Minute Tanning Packages

Do you like to know how much time you are spending to achieve that "natural bronzed" look? Are you looking to maintain your existing tan? Try one of our Minute Tanning Packages!

100 minutes - $48.95
200 minutes - $84.95
300 minutes - $102.95
Family Split Pack (300 Minutes Split between any two people as often as needed) - $105.95

Single Sessions

Are you a first time tanner? Passing through Saskatoon? Or are you interested in trying out our beds? Why not purchase a Single Session?

Regular Beds - $12.00
Mega/Stand Up - $15.00
 Super/Bronzer - $16.00

Tanning Package Information

No Expiry on all minute packages. (except FREE minutes)
Double minutes deducted when using Stand-Up Booth/Mega Bed.Two and a half for Bronzers and Super
 1 Regular Bed - equipped with triple  facial lamp.
2 Bronze Beds - For a deeper longer lasting tan,with more UV A (this bed will darken exisiting melanin)
1 Mega Bed - extra wide for your comfort and designed for accelerated tanning.
1 Stand-Up Bed - no tan lines.

     1-super bed-contoured acrylic for comfort,and 3 face/neck tanning lamps
No transferring or sharing of tanning minutes. (EXCEPT WHERE PERMITTED)
2-hour cancellation policy - minutes deducted based on previous session time.

“Where It’s Always Sunny At Bronze 1”


We Look Forward to Tanning You! sun

Sonnenbraune - Level 1

Sonnenbraune - Level 1

Classification: Low Pressure
Lamp Wattage: 100 W

Low Pressure is known as our economy level which is great for anyone who is price conscious or has the time to develop a tan gradually. Even though Low Pressure is the lowest level we offer the results are anything but! The Preferred has more of the UVB (reddening ray) which means that you will need to tan more often and at slower intervals to achieve a base tan. The average person will develop a tan in 8-12 sessions and will have to tan 3-4 sessions a week to maintain their developed tan.

Sun Star432

Sun star 432

The SunStar® 432 has given tanners a new meaning to the word "tan." With the 160 watt Wolff® system lamps in the canopy, the optional Xtreme Reflection® facials and body cooling system, tanners across the nation are requesting this bed for their quick 12 minute tanning sessions



The Pacifica Tanning Bed is an incredible bed made by TanAmerica offering (18) 160watt reflector bulbs in the canopy and (18)m 100watt bulbs in the bed with (3) 400watt Facial Bulbs. This bed also offers built-in fans and a built-in AM/FM CD Pioneer Radio Sound System. You will enjoy your golden-brown tan in this 12 minute maximum bed.



Dazzle your customers and your competition with awesome tanning power! The 11 minute Sundazzler™ is powered by 46 Rave™ 160 APR 160 watt lamps. Your clients will enjoy the convenience of this powerful tanning session. To accommodate the Sundazzler™, a minimum room size of 7' x 7' is needed. If you are looking for value, results and profitability in a tanning booth, look no further. The Sundazzler™ is truly "America's Best Tan™".


Heighten The Experience! sun

Bronze 1 has over 50 different lotions and that not all lotions are suitable to all people. Our friendly and knowledgeable tanning consultants will assist you to find a lotion which suits your skin type and tanning habits:

Intensifiers: Top Product - Australian Gold Accelerator, Juicy Gossip (Designer Skin)


Naturally promotes dark bronze color through hydration and skin conditioning properties called activators.
Contains NO bronzers.
Optimizes skins natural color potential which is great for beginners.

Coolants: Top Product - Liberate (Designer Skin) and Believe In Me (Designer Skin)


Bathes skin in refreshing and cooling essence, enhancing the sensory experience.
Contains intensifiers to optimize skin's natural color potential while hydrating the skin

Bronzers: Top Product - Paint It Black (Millennium), Conceited (Designer Skin) and Worship Me (Designer Skin)


Promoted dark advanced color via immediate bronzers and/or delayed bronzers.
Contains activators for skin hydration which is great for those who desire immediate results.

Tinglers: Only for advanced tanners; Top Product - Oh La La (Playboy) and Insanely Black (Millennium)


Recommended for advanced tanners only.
Upon application; a "reddening" - "hot" sensation wil occur ultimately resulting in a deeper and darker tan.
Raises red blood cells to surface on the skin allowing a quicker and darker tanning result.

Blushers: Top Product - Steamy Confessions (Designer Skin)


UV activated slightly warming sensation which promotes darker advanced color. This is a "non" tingle feel for those who want the result of a "tingle" but not the "heat".

Moisturizers: Top Product - Hempz and Playboy


There are many other moisturizers to choose from as an after care for tanning extending a daily mositerizer.


Available at Bronze 1 millenium

Passport Holders
Luggage Tags
Bathing Suit Cover-ups
Camera Bags
Head Rests
Skin Care Products


Please contact us via email and receive valuable incentives + monthly specials from Bronze 1. Feel free to utilize our "Chat" option as we would like to know if you are enjoying your tanning experience or if there might be something we can improve on! When you email us we will email you back our special monthly promotions and a free coupon for tanning (no expiry). *1 coupon per client! Thank you for contacting us!

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